A wall mounted electric fireplace says a lot about its owners. These eye-catching heaters can give you maximum flexibility when it comes to upgrading your décor. Until recently, you needed to have a gas line run to your fireplace, or you would need a wood-burning fireplace to enjoy the cozy aesthetics of a warm fire. Now you can enjoy this inviting glow without having to spend thousand on parts and installation.

There are many factors to consider when searching for the best wall mounted electric fireplace. You should decide what kind of heat you are looking for. A quartz heating system will have some benefits over a fan-forced unit because a radiated quartz panel can increase the air temperature without decreasing its humidity. This means your room will always stay more comfortable. Another distinct advantage over the forced-fan heating system is noise reduction. A forced-fan unit must power the fan blades via a blower motor. This fan increases the noise of your heater.

You should also consider the lighting system when choosing a wall mounted electric fireplace. Most units fall into 2 categories of lighting systems. The traditional incandescent lighting system is the most common as it is affordable and produces a good amount of light. The downside is eventually you will have to replace the bulbs. LED systems have an advantage over this type of design because they last for a very long time without bulbs burning out. It is also much more energy efficient. The flame effects look brighter and you have many more options when it comes to customization. Many LED units let you choose different flame effect colors and sizes—you can even adjust the brightness. All of these factors make LED lighting systems superior to incandescent lighting.

The location is going to play a critical role in choosing the perfect electric fireplace for your needs. Some units are more suitable for smaller rooms, such as bedrooms or dens, while some units are larger and better suited for your main room or lobby. No matter what size home or office you have, there is going to be a wall hanging electric fireplace for you.

Top 10 Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Napoleon EFL50H Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace


The Napoleon EFL50H Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace will enhance your décor; the sleek styling is the perfect addition to any modern room. Your guests will notice this centerpiece the moment they enter your home.

This unit uses ultra-efficient LED lighting system to produce a brighter flame effect. The LED technology is more energy efficient than alternative lighting sources so you can leave the flame feature on all day. The brilliant LED flames are visible in daylighting, and the glass face is glare and scratch resistant. You want to make sure to hang this unit slightly above eye level, so you will not be looking down onto the LEDs.

A patented crystalline ember bed adds to the appeal of this unit which gives this product the appearance of flames rising from the bed of crystals. There are 2 flame color settings that give you added flexibility—you can choose between several flame combinations using these colors, and you can even mix these flame colors and produce purple flames. You can also choose the intensity of your flames.

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You can easily adjust all of these settings via the wireless remote. This unit’s total dimensions are 50″ x 21.5″ x 4.625″ and it weighs 56lbs. It is recommended that 2 people do the installation, but it can be done by a single individual. You will need to provide a dedicated circuit for this unit, so if you do not have any electrical skills you will need to outsource this part of the installation.

The sleek design is 15% thinner than most competing fireplaces, and you can install this unit partially recessed. This allows the unit to sit almost flush with the wall, leaving only a 2″ difference. If you plan on partially recessing your fireplace it is important to make sure that you leave enough space for the heat to ventilate. Critics have stated this unit is louder than some of the competitor’s products. You do not want to trap the hot fumes in the unit because this can cause damage to the product. This fireplace can provide 5,000 BTU, so it is more than just a decoration. You have 3 heat setting—low, medium, and high.

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Gibson Living Soho Curved Pebble Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace


The Gibson Living Soho Curved Pebble Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace is a stylish addition to your home. This fireplace looks great mounted under a flat-panel TV. This unit has a slight curvature to its black glass front plate to give it a distinct look and feel.

This unit can produce 5,200 BTU’s at 1500 watts, and there are 2 heat settings to choose from, so you can always stay comfortable. This product uses a standard 110v outlet so no additional wiring is needed, and because it is electric, you can also avoid the costs of gas, gels, or ethanol that some units require; these other heating styles can produce dust and smoke that can be harmful if inhaled over long periods.

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This is a fan-forced heater so it is going to be slightly louder than a quartz-style fireplace because when you turn the heat on, the blower fan engages to push the hot air into your room. The heating radius is about 10 ft., and the heat is expelled through a vent located on the top of the fireplace.

This product’s dimensions are 5.5” x 35.4” x 22”, and its weight is 26.5 pounds. If you are mounting this fireplace below a TV, it is important to leave a minimum of 24″ clearance to allow the heated air to escape.

The flame effects look good and you can choose between logs or pebbles for the bed. If you want a more natural look, logs can provide a realistic feel. Pebbles give this unit a more modern appeal. This product does not use an LED lighting system, so it will not be as bright as competitors’ units that do use this type of illumination.

The curved glass front panel is scratch and smudge resistant. This is a nice fireplace that fits perfectly into smaller spaces—it’s only 35″ wide. The remote control makes customization as easy as a push of a button, and it works from over 20′ away. Some consumers have complained that it is not as thin as competitors’ units as it sits 5.5″ off the wall. This is an excellent entry level electric hanging fireplace that can add big style to small places.

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Frigidaire VWWF-10306 Valencia Widescreen Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

The Frigidaire VWWF-10306 Valencia Widescreen Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace is a top-of-the-line product that provides you with unmatched customizability and functionality. This unit has a modern sleek design that gives it its appeal. It looks very similar to a flat-panel TV when not in use. The crisp edging and distinct lines help this product make a statement.

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You have a choice of 10 color changing ultra-realistic flame effects—this is a huge advantage over the competition, which doesn’t come close to the selection. The flames are about 7″ tall and look just like a real fire. You can choose flame effects that range from red, blue, green, and any combination of them. This unmatched flexibility makes this product stand out. The white pebbles used in the bed perfectly reflect the flame effects. This adds allot to the overall appeal of this unit.

You have 2 heating settings: A low setting of 750 watts is perfect for adding a little comfort on a fall evening; the high heat setting is 1500 watts at 2,500 BTU. This guarantees you can get the temperature when you need it.

This unit is not designed to be installed recessed into your wall; it should be hung flush to allow the heated air to escape from the top. This is a fan-forced heating system so it will have an increased volume when engaged. You can effortlessly change any setting via the provided remote control, which is easy to understand and operate. This is an excellent buy that is sure liven up any room’s décor.

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Electric Fireplace Space Heater by Ideas in Life


The Electric Fireplace Space Heater by Ideas in Life comes with an elegant wooden front finish that differentiates it from the competition. The wood grain is a light maple color that radiates elegance. This product’s dimensions are 35.50″ x 4.20″ x 22.00″. This makes this unit a perfect fit for smaller rooms. Smaller sized hanging fireplaces can be a great addition to your bedroom’s decor.

Electric fireplaces can be perfect for any weather. You can enjoy all the ambiance of a fireplace without any of the heat by simply pressing the heat control button. This product has 2 heat setting to choose from. The high setting is 1,500 watts, which is enough to heat about 10 ft. The low heat setting is 750 watts—the perfect setting to make your room cozier. This is a supplemental heating fireplace that works with your current heating system. The heat is produced via a quartz heating system.

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Quartz heaters are better than blower motors for a number of reasons, the main reason being that quartz heaters do not affect the humidity in the room. They are also quieter and more energy efficient. Another huge advantage of a quartz heater is its ventless design, which means you can mount this unit recessed into your wall.

This is not an LED system so it will not be as bright as some of the competitors’ units. LED systems allow you the flexibility to choose between different color flame effects. This product includes white rocks to place in the bed to add to the flame effects reflection. At night these will glow red. You lose some of the flexibility of LED units but you gain the advantages of quartz heating.

The weight of this fireplace is 46 pounds. All the mounting equipment is included with this unit. The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries that are not included, so you are going to want to get these if you decide on purchasing this unit. The remote is very easy to understand and operate.

The quartz heat and the unique styling makes this a perfect solution for anyone looking to add a bold centerpiece to their décor. All of these factors makes this a good buy for the money.

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Classic Flame 47II100GRG Wall Hanging Fireplace


The Classic Flame 47II100GRG Wall Hanging Fireplace is packed with features that make this the ideal hanging fireplace. This unit is designed to look stunning in any environment. The sharp black edges and sophisticated curves of this product make it an instant winner. This 47″ fireplace has a streamlined design that gives it an elegant appeal that will not go unnoticed. This unit is the perfect fit for any professional’s room.

You can independently operate the flame function of the heat so you can enjoy the ambiance any time of the year, regardless of the temperature. Spectrafire™ gives this unit a blue flame feature that makes it unique amongst the competition; this feature can add a cooling and soothing effect to your environment. You can always switch back to the traditional wood look burning flame with the push of a button.

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This unit comes with an ambient lighting system that provides a subtle backlit glow. This is accomplished by LED lights that are mounted on the reverse side of the fireplace face, a feature that makes it nearly impossible to miss this innovative fireplace. You can choose between amber and blue ambient lighting. There is even a feature that will automatically scroll through a number of amber and blue lighting combinations.

This product is rated at 5,200 BTU and can heat a space as large as 1,000 square feet. Heat is produced by three infrared quartz elements, which provide ample heat without drying out your room. The quartz heat does not affect the humidity like traditional fireplaces; traditional heating methods drain the moisture out of the air, causing it to become dry. It also does not produce any exhaust or smoke, so you can put this unit anywhere.

This product weighs 52.4 lbs. and there are multiple ways to customize your fireplace including translucent fire glass, ivory river rocks, or driftwood. This unit is high-tech with push-button settings and a digital temperature read out. The settings and color selections make for the perfect lighting mood, and the flame is very realistic.

This fireplace performs great and it is designed to be durable. This product includes a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment. Keep your home comfortable and looking great with this wall hanging fireplace.

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Urbana Muskoka 35-inch Curved Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

The Urbana Muskoka 35-inch Curved Wall Mount Electric Fireplace provides a chic and stylish heating option. This product is unique because it incorporates a sleek curved glass front plate.

The fixed tempered curved glass front is scratch resistant and designed to stand the test of time. The flame effect looks realistic and you can choose between multiple bed types including Zen stone and crystal. A log option is also included to give you a traditional fireplace feel.

This unit has ambient lighting features that add to the overall design and make this a great buy, including 4 lighting options to help you find the perfect flame for any occasion. You can customize all of these options with the push of a button on the included remote control.

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The timer function is a great addition that is usually found only on more expensive devices. You can preset this unit to start heating up your home before you arrive, and you can also set it to automatically turn off at a predetermined time.

This is a supplemental heater which means this unit is designed to be used in addition to your regular heating system. This product is 4777 BTU so it is perfect for adding a little extra heat and style to your home. This unit is powerful enough to heat a 400-square-foot radius. There are 9 heating selections from which you can choose, so you can fine tune your temperature to perfection.

You can install this unit on any wall using the provided wall mount system, or you can place this unit anywhere you like by using the included stand. This product is 36″ x 5″ x 17.3″, and weighs 36.2 lbs. Some consumers have complained the stand can be time consuming to assemble. This unit is not designed to be recessed into a wall as it will not leave room for the heated air to escape and will damage your fireplace.

This product includes a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Muskoka used durable parts when constructing this unit. From ambient lighting, to a curved glass front plate, this unit delivers high-end options at entry-level prices. This is one of the best hanging fireplaces for the money, and the perfect way to add to your décor without stretching your budget.

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Northwest 80-2000A-42 LED Fire and Ice Electric Fireplace with Remote

The Northwest 80-2000A-42 LED Fire and Ice Electric Fireplace with Remote is a step above the competition. The state-of-the art LED lighting system is energy efficient. This advanced lighting system lasts longer than the traditional methods of producing flame effects and it is also much brighter.

You get more flexibility with this design when choosing lighting and intensity. You have 6 lighting options that vary from golden yellow all the way to indigo blue. The flame effects can be blended to make a number of other colors such as purple. The bed is filled with diamond-like crystals to add to the opulence—the flame effects look fabulous as they reflect off of these “ice” crystals. This unit comes with enough crystals to fill the bed perfectly, although consumers have reported more crystals would be preferred.

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You can control the temperature and the mood of any room just by using the remote control to adjust this unit’s settings. You can choose the perfect flame color and size, and then you can decide whether or not you want to activate the heat. This unit has two heating functions: The high heat setting is 1,500 watts; and the low heat setting is 750 watts. This is designed to work with your current heating system to give you added comfort. A blower fan distributes the heat. When this fan engages it increases the volume of the product. This heating technique is going to be louder than quartz-style heaters.

The product’s dimensions are 19.75″ x 43″ with a depth of 5.5″; this depth can cause this unit to sit off the wall a bit. This product weighs 57.6 pounds, so you may require some outside assistance. This unit is designed to be flush mounted and not recessed into your wall. The heat from this product is blown out of vents located on the top and sides, so it is important to leave room for this heat to escape; trapped heat can build up and be hazardous. The rugged steel construction and a high quality scratch resistant glass face make this unit more durable than its predecessors, and this unit comes with a 1 year factory warranty. All of these factors add to the great value of this product.

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Elite Flame Ashford 50-inch Electric Wall-Mounted Fireplace

The Elite Flame Ashford 50-inch Electric Wall-Mounted Fireplace comes with a sleek black face plate. This feature gives this unit a modern and contemporary feel. This product has 3 heat settings to choose from and is designed to be used with your current heating system to provide added comfort.

You can turn the heating function on and off, independent of the flame effects. This makes this fireplace perfect for any environment. This product is ventless, but it cannot be recess mounted into your wall. The heating system requires no ethanol, gas, or gels to produce heat. A blower motor is used to distribute heat to your room. There is no pollution or negative byproducts expelled from this unit during use, making it safer to use than traditional fireplaces.

This product’s dimensions are 50.4” x 5.5” x 21.65” and its weight is 45 pounds. The size of this unit may require you to have 2 people to do the installation. If you are mounting under a TV, you should leave at least 36″ clearance to prevent damage to your TV.

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The flame area is 37″ x 8.5″. The flame effects look real and the logs add quite a bit to the realism. This is not an LED system, so you are not going to be able to change the flames colors or sizes. The bed is ember woods that glow, adding to the overall appeal.

This product has a timer function that adds to its usability. You can set the timer to automatically turn this unit on or off. This means you can come fall asleep and not worry about this unit.  Elite Flame backs this product up with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. You can enjoy this unit for many years before you will have to replace a bulb. The added functions, such as the timer, give this unit a clear advantage over similarly priced units. You must consider this unit when trying to find the best hanging electric fireplace for the money.

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Gibson Living Sydney Recessed Pebble Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace


The Gibson Living Sydney Recessed Pebble Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace is designed to be recessed or hung flush on your wall, meaning you can build this unit directly into your wall. This reduces the side profile of your fireplace. Many people consider this technique more aesthetically pleasing compared to hanging your fireplace. You can do either with this unit.

This product uses a powerful fan-forced heater to distribute the heated air into your room. You can select from 3 heat settings—low, medium, and high. The highest setting is 5,200 BTU at 1,500 watts. You can also select if you want to heat or no heat. A powerful fan-forced heater blows heat from a vent located on the front of the faceplate above the flame window. This unit’s fan is very quiet and powerful.

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There is a timer feature that lets you set an automatic shut-off time ranging from 30 minutes to 7 hours. You can customize the heat and flame effects with the remote control. Batteries are not included, so make sure to grab a pair, if you order this product. The positioning of this vent allows for this unit to be recess mounted in your wall which eliminates the side profile of your fireplace.

This is a large recessed fireplace with dimensions of 50.4″ x 5.9″ x 21.4″. It is large but it only weighs 39.7 pounds. You can mount this unit on any wall in under 30 minutes by using the included mounting kit. You install the hanging bracket and place the unit on it. Plug it into any 110v socket and turn it on—it’s that simple.

Gibson Living designed this product to look and feel like a real fire. The flame effect’s window is 45″ x 12″. This unit uses an LED lighting system to provide you with a brighter flame that has more customizable options. LED systems last twice as long as other lighting techniques and they are far more energy efficient.

The bed resembles white stones that glow like hot coals during the night. The glow from these stones creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for any intimate gatherings. You get a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty included with your purchase.

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